Extra Dry Skin Tape Diaper - Small 28Pcs

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Mamy Poko is Japan's #1 diaper brand, made from a mother's love for baby's comfort.

Babies need to sleep well to grow healthy and happy. MamyPoko's new Stripes Pad sheet quickly absorbs and locks urine in for a much faster supreme dryness. Extra care for extra comfort. It's breathable cover releases heat and moisture to avoid dampness and protect baby's skin from irritation and rashes.

Stripes Pad Sheets
MamyPoko is now improved with a textured cotton Stripes Pad sheet that quickly absorbs and locks urine in for faster extra drying protection. Speedy dryness for extra comfort, keeping baby happy and dry the whole night through.

Superior Absorbency
Its superior absorbency soaks up different amount of liquid according to different sizes, giving your baby su

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How to Put on a Mamy Poko Tape Diaper:

Step 1: The back half of the diaper is the half with the tapes on it. Open up the diaper and pull the leakage guards upright.

Step 2: Place the back half of the diaper under your baby, making sure that the top of the back comes up to your baby's waist. Doing this will ensure a snug fit.

Step 3: Placing one hand on the diaper on top of your baby's stomach to ensure that the diaper stays flat, pull up the tape and attach it to the front of the diaper. Repeat on the other side. Make sure the tape does not touch your baby's skin.

Material: Top sheet – Non-woven polyolefin, polyester; Absorbent pad- Paper, pulp, polymer (29.4%) non-woven polyolefin; Back sheet- Film polyolefin, tape-nylon, elastic-polyurethane, construction-styrene elastomer synthetic resin

Recommended Age: 3-6 months
Recommended Weight: 3-8 kgs
Sizing may vary depending on baby


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