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    Click Lock leak-proof design Easy-to-clean, one-piece spill-proof valve BPA free Top rack dishwasher safe
  • PHP 579.75 In Stock
    Click Lock leak-proof design Easy-to-clean, one-piece spill-proof valve BPA free Top rack dishwasher safe
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    Watch over 1000+ TV channels, TV shows & Movies from US, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, China, HK, Taiwan, Singapore,Malaysia, India and Philippines. No Monthly fee!
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    Will your visit to Hagrid's hut result in an adventure? Harry, Ron and Hermione often visit Hagrid in his hut on the Hogwarts grounds. Sometimes their visits are uneventful – but other times, a visit to Hagrid can lead to adventure!
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    Lloyd, the golden ninja, has summoned the powerful Golden Dragon into an epic stand-off against Lord Garmadon's minions! Attach Lloyd onto the Golden Dragon and soar into battle! Avoid the launching catapult attacks with the huge extending wings! Fire the dragon sphere! Harness the power of the Golden Dragon to send Lord Garmadon's soldiers back...
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    LEGO NINJAGO Ultra Sonic Raider Use the incredible LEGO NINJAGO Ultra Sonic Raider to protect the fang blade from Pythor! This incredible vehicle handles all terrain and even features a detachable flying vehicle to take the chase into the sky. If all else fails, crank up the speaker cannons, tame the evil snakes with ancient music and blast the golden...
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    Samurai X is on board the mighty Samurai Mech when she locates the Constrictai fang blade and closes in to claim it. Can scout Snike and warrior Bytar stop it with a catapult ambush? Or will the Samurai Mech's massive blade, shoulder cannon shooter and bladed grabbers overcome the Constrictai snakes? Includes 3 minifigures: Samurai X, Snike and Bytar,...
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    The epic battle of good versus evil has begun! The Great Devourer has been awakened and threatens to devour the world of Ninjago. Can the legendary green ninja, riding the awesome 4-headed Ultra Dragon, overpower this evil adversary? Can Lord Garmadon harness the power of the 4 golden weapons of Spinjitzu to destroy the mighty snake and what about Sensei...
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    Give the villains the slip with a hot slice of turtle power. The Kraang has Michelangelo locked tight in a laser-shield prison inside his lab. Use Michelangelo's leftover pizza to turn a sticky situation into a slick escape. Slide the pizza through the prison bars to make the Foot Soldier slip and fall. Then activate the explosion function on...
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    Kick up the turtle-powered action to take on Shredder. When Shredder speeds by on his Dragon Bike with dual flame exhausts and real rubber tires, Donatello spots a map to the Turtles' lair in his claws. Crank up Donatello's motorized skateboard to stop him before he finds the secret lair. Battle the Foot Soldier with Donatello's bo staff and chase the...
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    LEGO Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shellraiser Street Chase Dogpound is speeding through the city, making special deliveries of toxic ooze in his pizza delivery van. Hit the road with Leonardo and Michelangelo in the teched-out Shellraiser to stop that angry mutt! Turn the powerful LEGO Technic shooting cannon 360 degrees and open fire! Unfold the...
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